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Rize Elevation Bed Size: Queen
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Rize Elevation Bed Size: Queen


The RIZE Elevation adjustable bed is the premier name in adjustable beds. With a fully electric design, the hard wired hand remote and two quiet, but powerful, lift motors allow for easy adjusting of the head and foot components of the bed. The standard frame design and traditional foundation design help to ensure that this adjustable bed base will work with most mattresses. Steel leg balanced stability supports with locking rolling casters and a patent pending Gravity Release Safety System give the bed added strength and support. This bed has been independently tested for quality and safety by Intertek and has received ETL Certification. For peace of mind, Rize includes a 20 year warranty with this adjustable bed base.

  • Rize Elevation Bed Size: Queen by Mantua
  • Mantua Bedframes
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